A service of the Internet2 Network Operations Center

ATLA (Atlanta, GA)CHIC (Chicago, IL)CLEV (Cleveland, OH)
HOUS (Houston, TX)KANS (Kansas City, MO)LOSA (Los Angeles, CA)
PAIX (Palo Alto, CA)NEWY32AOA (New York, NY)SALT (Salt Lake City, UT)
SEAT (Seattle, WA)WASH (McLean, VA)WILC (Los Angeles, CA)

ATLA (Atlanta, GA)CHIC (Chicago, IL)HOUS (Houston, TX)
KANS (Kansas City, MO)LOSA (Los Angeles, CA)NEWY1118TH (New York, NY)
NEWY32AOA (New York, NY)SALT (Salt Lake City, UT)SEAT (Seattle, WA)
STAR (Chicago, IL)SUNN (Sunnyvale, CA)WASH (McLean, VA)

SALT (Salt Lake City, UT)SUNN (Sunnyvale, CA)


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