A service of the IU Research Network Operations Center

EX4600 Virtual Chassis MWT2 (Indianapolis, IN) Juniper QFX 5200 (Bloomington, IN) Juniper QFX5200 (Bloomington, IN)
rtsw.bldc.net.rt.iu.edu - Cisco/N7018 (Bloomington, IN) rtsw2.bldc.net.rt.iu.edu - Cisco/N7018 #2 (Bloomington, IN) rtsw2.ctc.net.rt.iu.edu - Brocade/MLXe-16 (Indianapolis, IN)
rtsw5.bldc.net.rt.iu.edu - Brocade/MLXe-16 (Bloomington, IN) rtsw8.bldc Juniper QFX5100 (Bloomington, IN)



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