A service of the IP Grid Network Operations Center

rtsw8.bldc Juniper QFX5100 (Bloomington, IN) rtsw.bldc.net.rt.iu.edu - Cisco/N7018 (Bloomington, IN) rtsw2.bldc.net.rt.iu.edu - Cisco/N7018 #2 (Bloomington, IN)
rtsw2.ctc.net.rt.iu.edu - Brocade/MLXe-16 (Indianapolis, IN) rtsw5.bldc.net.rt.iu.edu - Brocade/MLXe-16 (Bloomington, IN)

sw32.bldc Lenovo G8272 (Bloomington, IN) sw36.bldc Lenovo G8272 (Bloomington, IN) sw38.bldc Lenovo G8272 (Bloomington, IN)
sw37.bldc Lenovo G8272 (Bloomington, IN) sw14.ctc QFX Virtual Chassis (Indianapolis, IN) sw14.bldc QFX-Virtual Chassis (Bloomington, IN)
sw33.bldc Lenovo G8272 (Bloomington, IN) sw24.bldc.net.rt.iu.edu (Bloomington, IN) sw27.bldc IBM G8264 (Bloomington, IN)
sw31.bldc Lenovo G8272 (Bloomington, IN) sw29.bldc IBM G8264 (Bloomington, IN) sw23.bldc IBM G8264 (Bloomington, IN)
sw25.bldc IBM G8264 (Bloomington, IN) MWT2 Switch (Indianapolis, IN) sw26.bldc IBM G8264 (Bloomington, IN)
sw10.ctc Dell N2048 (Indianapolis, IN) sw.bllh.net.rt.iu.edu - HP/3500yl (Bloomington, IN) sw.blsw.net.rt.iu.edu (Bloomington, IN)
sw.ctc.net.rt.iu.edu - Brocade/ICX6450 (Indianapolis, IN) sw16.bldc.net.rt.iu.edu - HP/6600 (Bloomington, IN) sw17.bldc.net.rt.iu.edu - BNT/G8000 (Bloomington, IN)
sw19.bldc.net.rt.iu.edu - Brocade/ICX (Bloomington, IN) sw20.bldc.net.rt.iu.edu - HP/6600 (Bloomington, IN) sw22.bldc.net.rt.iiu.edu - Juniper Ex4550 (Bloomington, IN)
sw23.bldc.net.rt.iu.edu (Bloomington, IN) sw24.bldc.net.rt.iu.edu (Bloomington, IN) sw25.bldc.net.rt.iu.edu (Bloomington, IN)
sw26.bldc.net.rt.iu.edu (Bloomington, IN) Karst Test Cluster management switch (Bloomington, IN) sw3.ctc.net.rt.iu.edu (Indianapolis, IN)
sw30.bldc.net.rt.iu.edu - HP5400 (Bloomington, IN) sw4.bldc.net.rt.iu.edu - HP/3400cl (Bloomington, IN) sw5.bldc.net.rt.iu.edu - Cisco/N5010 (Bloomington, IN)
sw5.ctc.net.rt.iu.edu - Cisco/N5010 (Indianapolis, IN) sw6.bldc.net.rt.iu.edu - Cisco/4900M (Bloomington, IN) Dell Power Connect 6248 Stack (Master) (5 of 6) (Indianapolis, IN)
sw7.ctc.net.rt.iu.edu - HP/6600 (Indianapolis, IN) sw8.ctc.net.rt.iu.edu - Brocade/ICX6650 (Indianapolis, IN) sw9-1.ctc MWT2 Force10 S4810 (Indianapolis, IN)
sw9.ctc MWT2 Force10 S4810 (Indianapolis, IN)



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